The Great War: Assembling British Guns

Last week the mailman dropped off my Kickstarter copy of The Great War. Today I found some time to assemble one of the stretch goals, artillery pieces. All you need to do this is a hobby knife and a frame cutter, no glue is necessary.


The sprue has everything you need for one gun. A crew of four, the gun barrel, the gun shield and the gun carriage. There is one kneeling crew member, one holding a shell, one with a pair of binoculars and one in the same pose but without binoculars.



After cutting all of them out of the sprue and removing any excess plastic I snapped all of the gun pieces together. The barrel can be attached through a hole in the middle of the carriage, the gun shield can be clicked onto the carriage and the wheels also have a hole in the middle which allows you to add them to the carriage. I might add some glue for the gun shield later, but it’s not really necessary.




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