The Great War: Assembling German Guns

After assembling one British gun, I wanted to try out the German sprues as the German gun is quite different. The four crew members have the same pose as the British sprue but with a German outfit. Two have a helmet and the other two wear a field cap. The gun has two additional components when compared to the British gun, no idea what their name is.

20150715_173255558_iOSWhen cutting the crew from their sprue, cut the bases first and then the other points where they are connected to the sprue. The gun components can  be cut anyway you want.


To assemble the gun you first need to add the barrel to the carriage. There’s a hole in the carriage where you need to put the barrel in.


Next add the gun shield, the carriage has two holes which slide over the carriage.


Then add the “support” component. There are two holes in the carriage where you need to plug this component in. You can’t push it in all the way, gently press it into the shield until it no longer moves. The “support” components needs to point downwards.


We’re almost there, now add the other gun component. It clicks over the gun shield, you’ll notice that you then no longer see that the “support” component did not move entirely into the shield.



The final step is to add the two wheels.


With the gun completed you now have something that resembles the Milton’s War Trophy. Repeat these steps five times and you have a battery ready to throw shells at the enemy position.



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